Other Side of Beauty por Leah Darrow

Other Side of Beauty por Leah Darrow

Titulo del libro : Other Side of Beauty
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 28, 2017
Autor : Leah Darrow
Número de páginas : 224
ISBN : 0718090667
Editor : Thomas Nelson

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Leah Darrow con Other Side of Beauty

Former America's Next Top Model contestant and Christian speaker Leah Darrow challenges readers not to settle for popular culture's distorted idea of beauty but to discover how their natural desire for beauty is a good thing, revealing a deep desire for God. Starting in preschool and continuing through adulthood, young women are told both explicitly and subliminally that their worth depends on their appearance, leading to an explosion of eating disorders, body image distortion, and many other significant issues. Leah Darrow was one of those girls, but after appearing on America's Next Top Model and reaching her goal of a modeling career, she discovered in painful ways how a desire for physical beauty alone leads to a culture of use and abuse. In The Other Side of Beauty, Leah invites readers to delve deeply into the very meaning of beauty, and to learn that true and lasting beauty can be found only in a relationship with God. The desire for beauty resident in all our hearts is actually a desire for the Beautiful One, and only knowing him can satisfy us. Leah writes as one who understands the pressures and lies that come at us from all sides and helps readers live truly beautiful lives that ultimately point to God.

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